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Well Drilling, Drilling Deep

Greenbaum Associates, Incorporated has a broad range of drilling equipment and skilled personnel to provide a wide range of drilling services in a cost effective manner and on a timely basis. Drilling has been our forte since 1967 and all our drillers are licensed and have at least ten years of experience.

Monitoring Well Installation
We have installed hundreds of monitoring wells, both type II and type III wells, some under the most difficult geologic conditions. We have high torque rigs capable of installing large recovery wells or deep wells in alluvium or till. Our rigs include a Mobile B-61 HD, a CME-55, and a Mobile B-24 skid mounted drill rig.

Geotechnical Sampling
We provide a full range of geotechnical drilling including: Standard Penetration testing, Core Drilling (NX and HQ), Shelby Tube Sampling, Dutch Friction Cone Testing, and Packer Testing.


Well Drilling
Our CME-550 all-terrain-vehicle mounted drill rig has a low center of gravity, high ground clearance, and low ground pressure allowing it to go places no other drilling equipment can. Whether it’s swampy ground, woods, or steep terrain; this drill will go there.

Limited Access
We have skid mounted and hand portable drills for working inside buildings and in areas with low overhead clearance. We have a range of equipment that few drilling companies offer.

Health and Safety
All of our personnel are medically monitored and trained in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120. We have worked on projects wearing personal protective equipment ranging from level D, ordinary measures, to level B, supplied air respirators and Saranex® suits.

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