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Geotechnical Engineering
For over forty years Greenbaum Associates have dug deep in search of unseen problems and the ideal solution so that construction can go forward with confidence and economy.

All across the Eastern United States the firm has explored the earth and created optimum designs for airports, railways, dams, roads, machinery foundations, and skyscrapers. The case histories of that work constitute the best evidence of Greenbaum’s professional excellence. And on this site the firm invites the close scrutiny of those architects, contractors, developers, and engineers who are ready to convert concepts to plans and reality.

On site and in the lab, Greenbaum brings advanced technology and decades of experience to bear on geotechnical and civil engineering problems. The hallmark of the firm is a commitment to look beyond the obvious, to accept the heavy responsibility of providing solutions upon which foundations and structures are placed, and to recognize that they function in an environment where there is no margin for error.

The Greenbaum distinction is not one of equipment and technology, but of experienced professional people and a commitment to deploying them to solve the problem at hand through unmistakable lines of authority and responsibility.


Churchill Downs Tunnel,
Louisville, Kentucky

The principals of the firm, those whose reputations bring in the business, maintain intimate contact with each project as the work in done. This is the essential Greenbaum ingredient: the principal-in-charge remains in charge, and the client reaps the reward in accountability and responsibility.

The best testament to the trust which the next client is asked to place in Greenbaum Associates can be found in the files and in the minds of previous clients. Greenbaum encourages independent inquiry among any and all clients. The firm has proven its reliability, attention to scheduling, and concern for project economy to each of them. Greenbaum Associates is pleased to do the same for you.

Our geotechnical services include, but are not limited to:

  • Foundation Investigations
  • Slope Stability Studies
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Pavement Studies
  • Vibration Studies
  • Feasibility Studies

Other Engineering Work






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